The “Love Blockers”

Have you ever felt an invisible wall around you that held you back from reaching out to another and showering them with love? “But I’m shy”, “That just isnt’ me”, “That’s not my personality”, “I’m just not a demonstrative person”….or have you said something similar, to others or even to yourself, in defense for not being as outward with your affection?

Maybe you cringe inside at the thought of expressing yourself that way? Can it be fear? And if so, do you know what you are afraid of? 

God’s word says that we are made in the image of God (Genesis 1:12) and it also says “Whoever does not love does not know God, because God is love”…so what does that say when we do not love?
“But i love people in my own way”…naw, you don’t get that excuse.  Years ago there was a saying circling around that said “love is not love until it’s given away”,  but you also rely on the Lord’s words when He says to Love thine neighbor as yourself. (Lev. 19:18, Matt. 19:19, 22:39, Mark 12:31, 12:31, Rom 13:9, Gal. 5:14, James 2:8)

SO  can assume that if we are made in God’s image, and if He IS LOVE, then we were made to love; openly, freely, without hinderance or reservation?  And if we can’t, have we really touched the Heart of God, knowing Him intimately or have we experienced His heart for us, and those around us?

  If expressions of Love  is hard to show, then something is “blocking the dam of outpouring”, and we need to focus on what could be in the way.

Another example of having a “heart block” is the ability to feel comfortable RECEIVING love.  If you have this issue, you know how uncomfortable it feels when people reach out to hug you,  pay you a huge compliment, or hand you a gift when it’s not Christmas. 

1) ask the Lord what is in the way to showing love to and receiving love from others.  This requires you to spend more time with Him; listening, praising, being silent, and reading His word. Wait upon Him and listen for that still small voice.  If you have not entered into the deeper chambers of His presence, I highly recommend reading the 4 steps into His presence and practice all that you read her, “staying there until you receive the blessing“.

2) take what the Lord shows you and pray it into His will and purpose for you

  •  If it’s healing you need from past hurts, walk through the experience with Him, grieve it out and ask for the Lord Jesus to come bring complete healing. You can go through our list of PAIN WORDS that will help you identify what you’re feeling and walk through the steps at the bottom of the page to yield that pain back to the Lord and take back ground you gave the enemy through any hidden pride (feeling sorry for yourself).
  • if you struggle with FEAR, walk through our Fear Buster page to get the freedom that you need in this area.
  • if you have any bitterness or anger against another, in the present or in the past, walk through the steps on the 2 Minute Cleanse, with an open heart towards the Lord and renounce these feelings against another of His Children.
  • the First Aid Center has tons of aids to help you go through this process, from prayer starters & praise starters, to healing scriptures (promises) that you can call out and stand on, claiming them for your life.

It says in Psalms 24:1 that everything under the sun belongs to God. He cares great for you and will give you all the resources at His disposed to walk a straight path abiding in Him. Pain comes from many different areas of sin, from lack of faith, to bitterness, envy and strive, and the very fact that pain causes PAIN, makes us feel sorry for ourselves to the extent that we hold onto it and hesitate to relinquish it to the Lord’s control.  This will hinder your live in so many areas and prevent you from receiving all the blessings that He has planned for you.

To the paralytic that was lowered down through the roof in Mark 2:3-5, Jesus’s first words were not “you are healed” but “your sins are forgiven”.  And when the pharisees balked at this, He says in verse 9; “Which is easier: to say to this paralyzed man, ‘Your sins are forgiven,’ or to say, ‘Get up, take your mat and walk’?”  

Jesus correlates being forgiven with healing!

What do you need forgiveness for? Who do you need to release and forgive?  What do you need to repent of? W hat do you need healing for?  TAKE IT …and love. Love freely, Love in Christ Jesus, reach out beyond what you’ve been able to do before and love on someone in such a way that will surprise them. Free yourself from the chains that are wrapped around your heart.  THIS is where FREEDOM is found.   May He pour out to you in wild abundance!



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“Healing takes time”…or does it?

“Healng takes time”, she said, trying to convince me that she has a “right” to stay where she was, to hold onto her pain when she knew it’s name, but in truth it was her shield, her friend, her excuse to not face what seemed too scary to bear, and in truth, allowed her to give the “left overs” to all she knew.

Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth. (3 John 1:2)

Yes, Jesus does take time in some things, bringing grace and mercy to these deep hurts, showing layers at a time so as to not overwhelm us with the deep pain that some past hurts have burrowed deep in us, but there is nothing biblical about the concept that once you are aware of such pain, that you can hold onto it, nurture it, not face it, nor bring it to HIM.

For God didn’t give us a spirit of fear, but of power, love, and self-control (2 Timothy 1:7 ) 

Pain hides our love and masks who we are in Christ. It puts a wall onto the very nature that God put into us as we are made in His image and that is to love. If you want to hold onto your pain or give it time to “go away on it’s own”, you cheat all those you love from the very heart and joy that is stuffed down under it, thus, giving those you love the ‘leftovers’ of past hurts, the leftovers of what others have done to you, and you will never become all that you can be in Christ which is to show God’s love to the world.

Many are the afflictions of the righteous, but Yahweh delivers him out of them all.   (Psalm 34:19)

Yahweh my God, I cried to you, and you have healed me.  (Psalm 30:2)

Once you are aware of any pain, bring it to the Lord immediately before it is buried, hidden, masked, nurtured, entertained, given a home in your heart. He is faithful to heal, ALWAYS, for the asking. He can take all of it, not just part of it. He may show you a layer of pain, knowing how little you may be able to handle at this point but once you are knowledgeable about any remnant, you are responsible to bring it to the cross, die to it, surrender it and ask His healing over it.

Consequences are grave if you do not, and you hurt many around you aside from hurting yourself in the   blessings that this pain hinders you from receiving. Be all that you can be in Christ and let go of the enemy’s foothold as this is a form of pride and fear to do anything less. Who wants freedom? Claim it now.

Go through these pain words to give a name to what you feel. Use the prayer of release at the bottom of this page to release or surrender that to the Lord,or go through the steps on the 2 minute cleanse page. It may seem legalistic but God is a god of law, the law of His Word and His Word holds power, and His promises are ours to claim. Claim His healing promises out loud and step back and watch Him work in your heart and in your life. So if you hurt and it’s hard to let go, remember, Jesus healed ALL who came to him.

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Encouragement for the new year;

.”..and i have not removed myself from your circumstances, and I will walk you through this next season.  I know that things don’t always look like they are going to turn out but I have laid out such blessings for you, such riches in so many areas, and I will bring them about! NOTHING can stop what i have set in motion, so stand back and watch what i will do next”.

“Rest in ME!  REST in my everlasting arms. REST in my unfailing love for you ALL!”

I said, “LORD, I feel so tossed back and for by the waves…”and He said “Yes, it’s going to feel like that, but I have given you a way to stand above that.”  I am immediately reminded of the time where He walked on water, beckoning His disciple to “COME!” and I know that He is calling us to do that now.

COME, He says. Keep your eyes on Him and do not “look down”, just walk off that cliff, for that’s what it feels like when we walk into what we feel is dangerous territory. Scary and dark though our trials may seem, do not look down but keep your eyes up to the one who is faithful to save, not doubting the one who sustains the universe, and say “all is well”.


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Got FREEDOM? (What’s hanging on your back?! )

Why do so many christians continue to live in pain, guilt, shame, depression, etc?  There are so many reasons one feels pain and heartache continually, which can lead to depression because one cannot get FREE from pain and heartache. Shame and guilt are also great causes of depression, even if in the smallest amounts but if we are free in Christ, why do people not FEEL free?

The Power of RENOUNCING in our Deliverance.

Galatians 5:1 says “It is for freedom that Christ has set us free. Stand firm, then, and do not let yourselves be burdened again by a yoke of slavery.” That slavery is SIN.  Whether we were arrogant and prideful, cruel or unkind, performed some popular sin like stealing, sexual immorality, coveting or lying…or whether we just struggle in unbelief, fighting against the will of God in our lives, all sin has one solution: The blood of Christ Jesus.

Many people have been taught that repentance means to “turn” and in effect, it does, but “turning” does not just mean that we try to ignore what we just did and start sowing to good.  When you sin, you have “come into agreement” with the enemy, and he knows what you did as you have opened a door to his presence and allowed him to come and abide with you when you sin.  This is why many struggle with the same sin, plagued over and over again by the enemy in that area, taunted by one that you have even let into your very home.

It’s time to kick the enemy out of the house!

If you are aware of a sin you have committed (and if you are miserable and not aware of any certain sin, I would ask the Lord to reveal as much to you), the only way to freedom is through claiming the blood of Jesus and RENOUNCING / REPENTING of that sin, taking the enemy’s talons off of you and releasing yourself from any desire to sin, aligning yourself with your King and taking back any ground that you gave the enemy through sin and yielding that ground back to the Lord. (we walk you through this very step in our “2 Minute Cleanse”)

It’s the LAW!
We have to remember that we live in a world that is build on laws like the law of gravity.  God’s laws have been set down since the beginning of the world and are linked to every molecule of Nature. When He TELLS US TO DO SOMETHING, it is not a suggestion but a command, and for our betterment for He knows how He has designed everything to work.  If there are consequences to all sin, which is a law of God’s and no one escapes it, then there is an important reason that He has for us in repentance.

God the Father tells us in Isaiah 30:15 that in “repentance and rest is our salvation”.  Who wants rest?   Do a word search through God’s word on the word “repent” and you will find ruin come to many who would not, people commanded to repent so that they may come out of captivity, repentance correlated with freedom, and many other really important things said about such a word that many christians hate even looking at.

Do not stuff your sin under a rug!

Many try to avoid  the sin in their own strength and just try to “do better” but it’s GOD who cleans us up and makes us whole. It’s JESUS who takes away our inequities. It’s HIS JOB to make us HOLY…we just have to “come”. ..and do what we’re told, which is to repent. 

SO, if you struggle with this, think of it as renouncing your cooperation with the enemy.  Do it openly and out loud where the enemy lives and take back the ground you gave the enemy through sin. DO it every time you recognize that you have sinned and ask the Lord where more “encampments” that the enemy made in your life are so that you can finally “CLOSE THE DOORS” to the enemy’s foothold in your life. (Use our 2 minute cleans as a guide to help you if you do not know how)

Take back your ground!  Take back your PEACE! Take back your right to be cleaned and made Holy, and all the blessings that come with all of this.  Test Him at His word and step back and watch what He will do.

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When taking too many “Hits” – Stay DOWN!

Who hasn’t watched a boxing match at least one point in their life, whether on tv or maybe even in a movie?  In a boxing match, there are regular “breaks”, when the bell rings and the fighters go to their corners for a quick pep talk or coaching advice on a new strategy, a little water/refreshment, and just a break to assess the situation, breath or rest.  This is just good strategy in fighting ANY fight, whether it be in the ring, on the battlefield or even on the battlefield of LIFE.

You’ve probly heard the phrase, “live to fight another day”, maybe while watching a movie about war when discussing some sort of retreat, and that’s what I’m talking about here.  In the boxing match, one person is usually tired and weakened from taking too many hits, and most would know when to give up and “stay down”, instead of fighting to the death.  I’m not talking about loosing a battle, for in boxing there has to be a “winner” in any match, but I’m talking about knowing when you NEED to “stay down”, to not get up again and fight when you are so weakened that more loss would take place.

Once again, as it always seems to be, i’m faced with unbeatable situations and yet like any human would do, i keep fighting, gaining small victories and then to be pushed down again, and again, battered from all sides, attacks from every direction, and i keep getting up to fight some more, not realizing how weak i really am and what ground i’m loosing by claiming that, “i am strong enough to handle it”

Joel 3:10 says to “let the weak say I am strong” but  this is not speaking that we need to be strong in our own strength.  2 Corinthians 12:10 says: “That is why, for Christ’s sake, I delight in weaknesses, in insults, in hardships, in persecutions, in difficulties. For when I am weak, then I am strong. ”

Well i can tell you that i have not been DELIGHTING in my weaknesses lately but am coming once again to the end of myself, needing to fall on my knees and realize i have nothing apart from Christ to handle ANYTHING.  I love that God’s word tells us over and over againt that He will supply us with strength when we are weak ( “He gives strength to the weary and increases the power of the weak.” Isaiah 40:29), and that all i have to do is ask for it.

So the main point of this whole less0n, is that once again i get sidetracked in thinking that i HAVE TO handle all that comes my way.  That is a lie straight from the pit of Hell – and can lead to depression, desperation, despondency, misery and possibly suicidal thoughts.

When living with people who are out of control
 or who also fall into the lie that one MUST control their own life, even when trying to submit to the Lord, this “spirit of control” will try to sideswipe you also and you may feel the burn that comes with being pushed outside of God’s protective bubble and covering.

Live to fight another day!  Go to the streams of refreshment and get rest from the Lord Himself, receiving strength, wisdom, courage (IN AND THROUGH HIM) and stay there until you receive the blessing

  • Dont’ keep fighting or even defending yourself when faced with attacks – like when a loved one is criticizing you for not doing what THEY think you should be doing or where you are “failing” when you’re not hearing that direction from the Lord. 
  • Don’t try to figure it all out when faced with unbeatable situations that are beyond your control – like your car is about to fall apart and you don’t have money to fix it.
  • Don’t stress if you can’t see a way to pay the bills that keep flooding in which are beyond what finances you have at your fingertips
  • Don’t become despondent when faced with illnesses in yourself or your loved one that are beyond what the medical doctors can figure out or know what to do with.

I could go on and on here but the main point is to STAY DOWN.  Dig deeper into the Lord’s presence and receive all you need from HIM. HE KNOWS!  He KNOWS what you are going through for nothing has come to us apart from His hand.  He KNOWS how to fix it! HE LOVES to show Himself to you and to be the great helpmate. HE WILL do it for He who began a good work in you, will be faithful to complete it.  HE LOVES it when you give testimony of His greatness. When WE ARE WEAK, HE IS STRONG>

RELEASE OUTPOURINGS by waiting on Him in faith.  ASK Him to handle it, tell him, “LORD, this is beyond me and i cannot do anything, so YOU HAVE TO” and then, “I TRUST IN YOU LORD – NO MATTER WHAT!” and then sit back, listen and wait.  He WILL show up!  Jeremiah 29:13 promises that if you seek Him with all your heart, you will find Him. 

Run to Him now, making time for the sacrifice of praise (find that time that is just for Him, apart from all else that is in your schedule), be quite before Him, pursuing Him with all your heart…and just “be”. WAIT on Him and use this “season of restoration” that you so desperately need to survive.

in His grace & service,


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Seeking The Lord’s Manifest Presence

“One thing that I ask, that I REQUIRE, is that you stand on My Word.  My Word is power – is strength, – supernaturally so.  It is your weapon and your shield.  Weald it!  Pick it up! Claim it as it will dispel all the darkness that surrounds you.  It is my ‘tool’ for you, my gift to you, to all mankind, to anyone who would believe.  It is  your covering, your safe haven, your voice – it is my HEART, my GLORY, it is the binding tether between this world and the next: My Kingdom, which surrounds you on all sides” 

The Lord shared those words with me this spring and then followed it with a revelation of urgency to “Use it, claim it, grab hold of it”.

I receive many words like this whenever i surrender my time in His presence.  He is always willing to encourage us and show His great love for us and to guide us on a constant basis.  If you are truly HUNGRY for “MORE”, check out our new article on 4 “Quicker” ways into His Manifest Presence.  It’s a recap of our section: 4 Steps into His Presence, which shows you how to get out of yourself / flesh, and into His manifest presence where “miracles, signs & wonders” exist.  Getting into the Lord’s presence is the only way to truly abide in Him on a regular basis as we were designed to commune with God from the beginning of time.

Write us if you have any questions and i hope that this article will start a new life for you.  There is so much MORE!  be HUNGRY!  ask for it! 

1 Corinthians 2:9
However, as it is written: “What no eye has seen, what no ear has heard, and what no human mind has conceived” — the things God has prepared for those who love him

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“Whose Life did you impact?”

I heard this over and over and over again this morning, as I cried out in prayer for those I know who struggle with putting their wants, desires, plans and needs, ahead of what the Lord is saying to them. 

We are SO CLOSED off to see the world around us when we are filtering everything through hurt, rejection, abandonment and bitterness…and we do not even see it.  We cannot hear the Lord when our own mind is so self focused on getting to where WE think we need to be, what WE want to see happen, and are stuck in a box of “I can’t get to where i want to go”, or “no one else sees MY wants or needs…etc”.

We get stuck then, in a place with AN AGENDA, and things never seem to work out according to OUR agenda, having thoughts of how things SHOULD be – and aren’t – which leads to thoughts of strife and strain to get things out of the “bad place’ that they always seem to be in.

WHAT if God is ALREADY WORKING through your trials? What if those people you see in the way of your “plan” are put there by HIm to help you in HIS PLAN for your life?  What if some of the trials that you face are His way of putting “contraint” on you, holding you in a place where you can go nowhere except to run to Him?

If we are stuck in our own battles, thrashing in a murky mire and getting nowhere, we need to be quite, stop thrashing and rest. We need to submit our lives and listen to where He is moving.  This life is NOT about us but about seeing a NEED for a God, coming to the one true God, and then working alongside Him for the “advancement of the kingdom”.

I don’t want to be standing at the throne besides the Lord one day, and have my Heavenly Father say: “well…i see you worked and held a job…i see you raised a child…who else did you influence?”  You are useless to the advancement of kingdom if you are stuck in so much pain that you cannot even SEE another.  

It’s NEVER about what you think it’s about.  God is always encouraging us if we choose to listen and pursue His presence.  We have to get out of ourselves, to receive all He has for us, and then pour out as we’ve been poured into, for HIS glory, not our own.
Be encouraged!  God doesn’t waste a tear, heartache or trial. Draw into him with a vengence and just DO all that you need to do to get there.

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Welcome to a “Season of Restoration”

    No matter what season you are in,  whether it’s in a Season of REST (Healing Room 1):  listening to Him at His Feet, waiting upon Him and taking grace to stop striving and thrashing…or in moving foward with the tools and resourses He has poured out to us (Healing Room 4) we’re focusing on being in whatever season the Lord has us in.

      We’re not up and running yet but you go to our home site above (The Healing Source) to connect with articles, aids and guides that minister to the hurting heart.  The Healing Source is a resource that leads to the TRUE source of all healing: the Lord Jesus, and it’s our desire to lead you to the throne of grace and power so that you can receive healing and restoration directly from Him. 

     Enter our 4 Healing Rooms and find helpful information and support for whatever season of healing you are in.  Our “First Aid” guide has handy aids to help you claim victory over negative feelings, receive encouragement and teach you how to walk into all that the Lord has promised for you, just for the asking.  You will receive much healing even now if you go through the steps on the bottom of the “Pain Words” guide, where you can voice all that you’re feeling and take it to the throne.

The Pain Center has many sections addressing pain and heartache such as addictions, grief & loss, with articles, support and prayer, truth and promises to either help you claim vicotory over areas that are strongholds (see Break the Chains) or to help you through a period mourning and grieving that could otherwise last years.

     The “5 Crucial Factors of Healing” is important for you to learn what’s required of you to receive and KEEP your healing, and the section “4 Steps Deeper into His Presence” will teach share the doorways to His manifest Presence, where ALL things “get taken care of”.

Come walk with us in a NEW Season of Restoration and Healing. (Please remember that we are in a season of CONSTRUCTION so we have areas that are not fully up yet. If you have any questions, please to not hestitate to contact us and we will do all to see you get the help you are seeking.)

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