Author, artist, Graphic Designer and Owner of the www.thehealingsource.org, I have a heart to draw others to the throne of the Lord Jesus, where all power for healing & resotration is available to all who call Him Lord and savior…and who ASK for it.
I do portraiture, graphic design and corporate ID work and you can see some of my work on The Healing Source “about us” page: http://www.thehealingsource.org/lisahainlineabout.html 

Along with raising my daughter who has multiple diseases, i’ve seen much heartache, from a broken marriage due to a spouse’s 17 year addiction to Pornography, to the loss of my home, my health (i have a fused spine and continual health issues) to loosing almost all I own in a move across country and then the loss of my Father who went to be with the Lord in February 2011.

“I can restore ALL THINGS – STOP trying to figure everything out!” the Lord said twice to me.  He has restored much to me since then with the marriage to a wonderful man who is my lover and best friend, has moved me up to the mountains of California where i am surrounded with beauty on a constant basis, and has poured out to me a heart  to help others to the throne so they may receive for themselves all that He offers to those who love him. 

Aside from much on learning how to receive (and keep) your healing from the Lord, we also want all to draw deeper into His manifest presence , learning how to abide on a continual basis and live a spirit-led life of all that the Father wills for our life.   Be sure to follow us on http://www.thehealingsource.org and receive ALL that He has just for you, gifts He designed for you since the beginning of time, and learn who YOU ARE in and through Him.  COME, find rest…HIS Joy…HIS grace…HIS mercy….and His love for you.

He is Faithful!  He is WILLING!

to His glory,

Lisa Hainline


3 responses to “About

  1. Thank you Lisa…you reminded me how much I really am loved.

  2. Carla S.

    Hi Lisa,
    It’s Carla S. Good to see you are finding healing….that is something that has been on my heart for the people of God. Especially that of emotional healing. I was going to look you up to see if you were still in the area and taught art. 🙂 Guess not…it would be a long drive to come out for classes! God bless you as you reach out to others in need. I am thankful that you have found strength and healing…in Christ! There is no one like Him, for sure…our Truest Friend!

    • Hi Carla, and bless you! I may teach one day but i’m busy listening and moving in what i hear from the Lord. I also started http://www.lionsgatebookdesign.com which designs book covers for Christian Literature and a LionsgateWeb, soon to be up. I’ve been in the mountains of CA for the past year and a half and needed to get back to my design roots and makes some money to cover all the medical debt i’m in with Sam’s illnesses. You can find me on Facebook under Lisa Vento Hainline also and at http://www.lisahainline.com which is my design/illustration services.
      I hope you are well and yes, it’s good to rest in His strength and healing, which i find myself at the throne asking and receiving for on a regular basis and we are constantly in trials. it’s the only place i can breath! bless you – Lisa

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