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WANT POWER in all situations? Pray what the LORD is praying!

I’m serious guys, I’ve been going through such a horrible season that my prayer partners seemed to be holding my head above the toilet (spiritually) for over 8 months, on a daily basis. I just kept “banging my rattle” looking for a way through or a way out. I would even get strategy from the Lord himself, but did I LISTEN?  Most of the time….ok, SOME of the time, but His grace to me was incredible as His patience for me was evident on a daily basis.

And then something happened.

To make a long story short and not so boring, my husband lost his job last year, so financially we were in trouble but this was extremely stressful for him and being the control freak I am, our relationship suffered greatly as I wanted PEACE…UNITY…and to have love flow through my environment. There was none of that.

To make matters more stressful, my daughter and her son moved out and had health issues, then lost work, and I got to worry about them (and as most of you know, she’s been tagged with her 9th disease so i’m on my knees daily for coverage and provision and healing). AND THEN one of my sisters moves in with us and it’s been world war III ever since, with me scraping for any moment of peace that I can get.

The worse things got, the more I dug into my space with the Lord, sought His presence and prayed in the spirit. I was JUST holding on, and I mean just, for the “end” came many times as others around me exploded into tornadoes of stress and turmoil and tantrums.

and THEN it happened; the Lord gave me a revelation. I KNEW that  that He, the Father and the Holy Spirit are working in ALL things, have something for even ME to learn and will not bring me into the next season until that has come to pass, and I knew that praise and thanksgiving was the doorway to His kingdom and to breaktrough, but I was only getting windows and I wanted everything to change NOW.  What I DID NOT KNOW is that that things would change fast if I PRAYED what THEY were praying!

SO I asked. The Lord started giving me words, and the strategy that HE gave seemed weak to me but I thought I would give it a go. I wanted CONVICTION and for Him to bop people over the head and He kept saying “show them mercy and grace”, “pray for WISDOM, UNITY, COMPASSION, MERCY”….WHAT?! REALLY?! I am a warrior and these seemed like the strategies of a PACIFIST! (did I just say that?). They did not seem POWERFUL enough.

But I obeyed. The more I obeyed, the more the Lord would pour out with more things to pray for while I was barely awake most mornings but would come in prayer. I prayed all day, and then I saw it. An attitude shifted, words, actions and then restoration between people, fruit from the heart…it was as if the dead came to life and LIFE kicked into place. I see changes in people I had never seen and I went up to those places where I had been met with confrontation (you know what I’m talking about, don’t you?) and there was no confrontation. There is restoration, hope, peace, unity, and LOVE, MERCY and grace running through my house, and though it’s like newborn that is just starting to thrive and occasionally screams out, this baby is growing and I’m on board to pray it through as the Lord directs.

I’m still praying what the Lord tells me to pray, and I’m making a decision to NEVER pray again with my own wisdom. If you can’t hear His voice, get into His presence daily. Find a small corner and put some worship music on that is soothing and just praise Him, thank Him, tell Him how much you love him and how much you want to hear His voice. Pick up your bible and get into your word and again, ask for the Lord to show up in a way that you know is obviously HIM.

and wait.

and listen.

and wait.

Don’t look to the left or the right. Don’t run to people unless you have one really good prayer partner that you know will get on her/his knees and “stay awake with you in the garden”, who will intercede and go to the throne with you, who won’t offer advice in the flesh but who also waits to hear what GOD says. Stay there until you “receive the blessing”.

May the Lord pour out in great waves of His joy, His love, His mercy, and ROCK YOUR WORLD!

Please feel free to contact me (  if I can help in any way. My door is always open and I will gladly offer an encouraging word in Him. Please take a look at all that is offered on The Healing Source and some of the steps in the First Aid Section may help you gain the deliverance you’re looking for. This site was inspired by the Lord, poured out to me through my time with Him and I take credit for nothing.

in His grace,
Lisa Hainline.


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