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Can you love openly and fully, like a child?

Or is your love hindered, reserved, restrained, cautious or hidden?

A seed becomes a brick.

If you’ve ever been wronged, slighted, discounted, belittled, betrayed, cursed or even slighted in some way to where bitterness rose up in your heart, but you didn’t deal with it in the biblical way; to repent and renounce, giving back ground given to the enemy through your anger, anger, sorrow, defensiveness or self-centeredness, you may have a seed of bitterness that has turned into a brick around your heart.

SO many people have “self-talked” their way into holding something against another and then, thinking they are fine and have let it go, forgiven or just forgotten, have in truth, stored a seed that was fed by other slights, that turned enlarged, hardened and made a place in a wall that prevents them from fully loving again.

If your love for another, and expression of it seems waned, weak, disappeared, and not been made deeper, inexpressible, overwhelming and openly visible to others, you may have a wall around your heart that you cannot break down no matter how much you tried.

We were made to love fully and without measure.

We are wonderfully and beautifully made and also made in the image of the almightily Father God who loves with an everlasting love , and we were meant to love the same way.

Since we know that God is a God of law, from the laws of nature to His own laws that He has set for us to live fully in Him, He has set down laws and guidelines to handle everything we encounter.

When we do not heed a guideline that says “do not be angry”, and it starts to seed a self-pity or defiant, defensive mode of conversation in our head, we need to stop and immediately repent of that “agreement with the enemy of our soul” to block the seed and cast it back out of our heart before it becomes embedded.

Searching out seeds and bricks.

We may feel fine but know that our love is hindered in some way, realizing that we do not feel the same about someone or even if we have never felt that full abiding, unconditional love for others or for one special person, we can know that there is a brick in our wall.

If we try to search it out ourselves, the enemy can wreak havoc in our lives and stir up much confusion. Many people go to secular councilors and still find little relief from hidden pain and grief, because man does not have the wisdom of the all-seeing, omnipotent and sovereign Father God who is full of mercy and grace beyond our understanding.

“For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways,” 
declares the Lord. – Isaiah 55:8

Work with the Lord to expose the encampments of the enemy!

Ask the Lord Jesus to ferret out what may be a hindrance to loving others as fully as you desire. Ask Him to put his finger on a seed or brick, an offence of bitterness or a hurt that was set into the ground of your heart years ago. Not only can He take that hurt and heal it completely but He DESIRES to take out all bricks in the wall around your heart for those bricks keep you from fully loving HIM in return.

If He brings you an instance of anger, or an offense against another that you held, no matter how small, repent of it and renounce your agreement with the enemy and surrender it to the Lord Jesus (The prayer at the bottom if this page can help you tremendously in this quest if you wish.   Give back “legal ground” you gave the enemy by judging another, feeling sorry for yourself, or raising yourself up against another, and surrender it to His control.

If you have hidden hurts and you’re not sure where they come from but know that something is holding you back, this page of “pain words” and the prayer to walk through them may help you voice what you know is stuffed down deep inside but cannot name.

Get into His Holy Word more and even do a search on all of the truths that speak of His great love for you. Listen to Him daily, emptying out your own racing mind of thoughts to just seek to hear what He has for you. Ask Him; “Lord, do you love me?” or “Lord, what does my heart look like” and wait for an answer.

Holy Spirit is a gentleman and will not crush you so trust His leading and surrender all that He shows you. Ask the Lord for “MORE” when He starts revealing things to you so that you can have total freedom in Christ Jesus and live the full live Father God planned for you since the beginning of time.

The blessing of an open heart.

The more you walk through; repenting and renouncing what is not of God in your heart, the more you will want taken off, the more you will find yourself open to others in immeasurable ways, the more you can care for others no matter how they receive you, and the less your heart will hurt, ache and sting at any slight, offense or betrayal.

You will see others as HE sees them who also may react and offend because of their own hurts and pain and He may then use you to restore and help others heal.

You will also come into the Lord’s love and grace with new understanding, see His heart for you and for others and find a deeper love for Father God that you may not have known possible.  He is your all in all and if He is not your first love, all of this will help you get to a place where you can claim that not only with your head but with your heart.

And remember that we enter His gates with thanksgiving so thank Him for everything that He puts on your heart, praise him with an outpouring beyond what you thought you were capable of. Praise brings breakthrough in all situations.

Be blessed in Him

Lisa Hainline


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