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Vision: A Man, a Cave, and GARBAGE

Barely awake this morning, I started praying and immediately saw a wide cave and a man came to the front, with his hands on the top of it and bending slightly to peek outside as the top was lower than his head. He seemed to be in the mode of protecting it and checking for intruders, not sure if he was ready for a fight, and then I  saw that it was not totally human but more grotesque on one side of his face, and I said “his face…” , and I heard a voice that  said “..from living in the dark”, and I immediately felt sorry for this person as he ran and hid as quickly as he appeared.

I kept staring into the cave as I noticed that the whole floor floor of it was littered with garbage! Repulsed, I noticed that some of it was not even HIS garbage as I thought I saw wrappings from a baby diaper (I KNOW!  weird that I would see that or even SAY it! LOL!) and I then questioned; “WHO would even LIVE LIKE THAT, LORD?!”

“Many”, was the response, and a revelation that many hide and protect their garbage, not wanting to live like that but with it being so familiar to them, that they are afraid that if it was taken away, they would have nothing.

Come out of the Cave!

Much of the world’s ways; it’s wisdom, advice and counseling tells us that we have to work through every piece of garbage we carry or that which has been placed upon us, with many people picking up the garbage pushed onto them by others, not theirs to carry, but the Lord revealed to me that all they have to do is come out and into the light. HE cleans us up.

Take Out The Garbage NOW!

What happens when garbage is left alone and not taken out?

I had a large garbage can just to hold the plastic bags of waste from cleaning up after my dog (following me?). Well, it got to be too heavy for me to drag up to the road so I just kept filling it up and waiting for help to come later. THEN, it SNOWED…yup, filling that thing up with snow, and I then waited for the thaw, got help to get it to the road but it was so waterlogged that the garbage men would not take it! I got a note saying it had to be under 65 lbs for them to take it, so we had to break it down in smaller containers and that took 2 weeks of the foulest odors imaginable by my driveway! When the garbage men finally took it, the _____ had sat in that bin for so long as it permeated the plastic and so cleaning it out several times didn’t even get the smell out and I’m now trying stronger stuff but in the end, the container may be useless.

“Time Heals all Wounds”, she said.

She was in defense of not wanting to take some issues before the Lord, insisting that over time it will all get taken care of. “NO IT DOESN’T!” I protested, “The only thing that time does is give you room to get sick and tired of holding onto that stinking c__p!”

Time just gives you time to try to cover up your garbage, grow numb to it – or numb to others who try to care for it – or to build your wall around the stink in hopes that others do not see it, expose it, or associate you with it and in the end; reject you, abuse you, abandon you or just not want to take your c__p any longer as they are forced to live with it.

The real issue becomes how much are you going to insist on taking with you?  To get free from what’s

He healed them all!

Jesus healed all who came to Him, and left areas unhealed because they would not receive!  The only issue you have in coming out of that cave is how much are you going to insist on taking with you.

There will be grieving at times and mourning of that which you are going to leave behind; hurts from many years ago that you don’t get to keep the bitterness or unforgiveness from, lost dreams, lost loves, and much more, but we do not have to carry it, HE will. We just have to be willing to give it up and not slosh around in it anymore. You have to grieve all of the situations that caused you to hold onto the garbage, so while it may feel painful at times, all you have to do is RECOGNIZE pain or fear and “run to Daddy”.

As you abide in is power and through His love and as He continues to pour out to you more and more, you will claim more and more freedom from the chains that held your heart hostage. it’s time to take back what the enemy stole from you. You were meant to give and receive Love, made in Father God’s image and for His purpose and will, receiving every good thing intended for you.

below are a few articles that may help aid in the process but make a decision today to come on out of the cave and leave the garbage behind. Today is a NEW DAY! Receive TOTAL FREEDOM, not just a sliver, be hungry for ALL of it.


after I put this blog up, I went to take the garbage out, and I have different garbage containers but this new one we inherited from the snow plows, right? well I reach for the handle on the top and it has a huge imprinted phrase on it saying “BORN FREE”. ok…what? what is “born free” doing on my garbage can?!  well immediately i heard the Lord say; “yes, you were born free in ME, now take the garbage out!”  ok, you gotta admit that is funny!

in Him
Lisa Hainline

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Anointed music to usher in His presence –Music that is spirit-led to usher in His presence as you rest in Him. Just go to this page and listen, sit back, focus on loving Him and RECEIVING from Him.


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