A.C.T.S. – a Prayer Warrior’s Strategy

By special guest blogger, Joe Birdwell

I have not had many prayer requests lately however that does not mean there is no one hurting or in need of comfort, healing, grace, salvation…the list of needs goes on as does the list of praise reports!!

The Lord is constantly moving and wants us to constantly be in a love relationship with Him.  He wants not just us but our friends and family and strangers we meet on the street or in the grocery store.  He wants a relationship with them as well. If they are not picking up the Word or going to church on a regular basis, how do they know how to acheive this?

PRAY, don’t just TELL them that you’ll Pray!

Just as Jesus set an example for us in how to approach the Father we are to set an example for those around us.  How?  When these people come to us with stress of the day or trauma or praise we can lead them in prayer, not just saying “I’ll pray for you”  but actually praying.  God doesn’t require elaborate prayer but sincere heartfelt prayer.  If this is too awkward I have a place to start that a dear teacher of mine taught me.

A.C.T.S. Adoration, Confession, Thanksgiving & Supplication…

Once I get to adoring or worshipping Him and I confess my sins I find many things to be thankful for and then of course ask Him for our friends needs and His will in their lives of course.

Isn’t it first instinct when we hear our friends or family in need to want to help or fix it?  We all know we cannot fix everything, and perhaps some of you, like myself, do not have the resources.  I believe God allowed some of my resources to be diminished so that I couldn’t throw money at the problem, or put a patch on it with things, but would only be able to rely on Him and His infinite wisdom and power.

 Release Power by Praying on the Spot

I often times feel awkward, my throat gets tight and dry, I have a sort of social anxiety, other times I am so overwhelmed by the spirit that all I can do is cry, so it’s understandable that we sometimes want to save prayer for private time.  I am simply trying to say that when we can pray on the spot, we cannot even imagine how it impacts another.  It takes practice for this to become habit.

Let’s show those around us how to turn and trust in Him as well.  🙂


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