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“Healing takes time”…or does it?

“Healng takes time”, she said, trying to convince me that she has a “right” to stay where she was, to hold onto her pain when she knew it’s name, but in truth it was her shield, her friend, her excuse to not face what seemed too scary to bear, and in truth, allowed her to give the “left overs” to all she knew.

Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth. (3 John 1:2)

Yes, Jesus does take time in some things, bringing grace and mercy to these deep hurts, showing layers at a time so as to not overwhelm us with the deep pain that some past hurts have burrowed deep in us, but there is nothing biblical about the concept that once you are aware of such pain, that you can hold onto it, nurture it, not face it, nor bring it to HIM.

For God didn’t give us a spirit of fear, but of power, love, and self-control (2 Timothy 1:7 ) 

Pain hides our love and masks who we are in Christ. It puts a wall onto the very nature that God put into us as we are made in His image and that is to love. If you want to hold onto your pain or give it time to “go away on it’s own”, you cheat all those you love from the very heart and joy that is stuffed down under it, thus, giving those you love the ‘leftovers’ of past hurts, the leftovers of what others have done to you, and you will never become all that you can be in Christ which is to show God’s love to the world.

Many are the afflictions of the righteous, but Yahweh delivers him out of them all.   (Psalm 34:19)

Yahweh my God, I cried to you, and you have healed me.  (Psalm 30:2)

Once you are aware of any pain, bring it to the Lord immediately before it is buried, hidden, masked, nurtured, entertained, given a home in your heart. He is faithful to heal, ALWAYS, for the asking. He can take all of it, not just part of it. He may show you a layer of pain, knowing how little you may be able to handle at this point but once you are knowledgeable about any remnant, you are responsible to bring it to the cross, die to it, surrender it and ask His healing over it.

Consequences are grave if you do not, and you hurt many around you aside from hurting yourself in the   blessings that this pain hinders you from receiving. Be all that you can be in Christ and let go of the enemy’s foothold as this is a form of pride and fear to do anything less. Who wants freedom? Claim it now.

Go through these pain words to give a name to what you feel. Use the prayer of release at the bottom of this page to release or surrender that to the Lord,or go through the steps on the 2 minute cleanse page. It may seem legalistic but God is a god of law, the law of His Word and His Word holds power, and His promises are ours to claim. Claim His healing promises out loud and step back and watch Him work in your heart and in your life. So if you hurt and it’s hard to let go, remember, Jesus healed ALL who came to him.


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Encouragement for the new year;

.”..and i have not removed myself from your circumstances, and I will walk you through this next season.  I know that things don’t always look like they are going to turn out but I have laid out such blessings for you, such riches in so many areas, and I will bring them about! NOTHING can stop what i have set in motion, so stand back and watch what i will do next”.

“Rest in ME!  REST in my everlasting arms. REST in my unfailing love for you ALL!”

I said, “LORD, I feel so tossed back and for by the waves…”and He said “Yes, it’s going to feel like that, but I have given you a way to stand above that.”  I am immediately reminded of the time where He walked on water, beckoning His disciple to “COME!” and I know that He is calling us to do that now.

COME, He says. Keep your eyes on Him and do not “look down”, just walk off that cliff, for that’s what it feels like when we walk into what we feel is dangerous territory. Scary and dark though our trials may seem, do not look down but keep your eyes up to the one who is faithful to save, not doubting the one who sustains the universe, and say “all is well”.


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