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Got FREEDOM? (What’s hanging on your back?! )

Why do so many christians continue to live in pain, guilt, shame, depression, etc?  There are so many reasons one feels pain and heartache continually, which can lead to depression because one cannot get FREE from pain and heartache. Shame and guilt are also great causes of depression, even if in the smallest amounts but if we are free in Christ, why do people not FEEL free?

The Power of RENOUNCING in our Deliverance.

Galatians 5:1 says “It is for freedom that Christ has set us free. Stand firm, then, and do not let yourselves be burdened again by a yoke of slavery.” That slavery is SIN.  Whether we were arrogant and prideful, cruel or unkind, performed some popular sin like stealing, sexual immorality, coveting or lying…or whether we just struggle in unbelief, fighting against the will of God in our lives, all sin has one solution: The blood of Christ Jesus.

Many people have been taught that repentance means to “turn” and in effect, it does, but “turning” does not just mean that we try to ignore what we just did and start sowing to good.  When you sin, you have “come into agreement” with the enemy, and he knows what you did as you have opened a door to his presence and allowed him to come and abide with you when you sin.  This is why many struggle with the same sin, plagued over and over again by the enemy in that area, taunted by one that you have even let into your very home.

It’s time to kick the enemy out of the house!

If you are aware of a sin you have committed (and if you are miserable and not aware of any certain sin, I would ask the Lord to reveal as much to you), the only way to freedom is through claiming the blood of Jesus and RENOUNCING / REPENTING of that sin, taking the enemy’s talons off of you and releasing yourself from any desire to sin, aligning yourself with your King and taking back any ground that you gave the enemy through sin and yielding that ground back to the Lord. (we walk you through this very step in our “2 Minute Cleanse”)

It’s the LAW!
We have to remember that we live in a world that is build on laws like the law of gravity.  God’s laws have been set down since the beginning of the world and are linked to every molecule of Nature. When He TELLS US TO DO SOMETHING, it is not a suggestion but a command, and for our betterment for He knows how He has designed everything to work.  If there are consequences to all sin, which is a law of God’s and no one escapes it, then there is an important reason that He has for us in repentance.

God the Father tells us in Isaiah 30:15 that in “repentance and rest is our salvation”.  Who wants rest?   Do a word search through God’s word on the word “repent” and you will find ruin come to many who would not, people commanded to repent so that they may come out of captivity, repentance correlated with freedom, and many other really important things said about such a word that many christians hate even looking at.

Do not stuff your sin under a rug!

Many try to avoid  the sin in their own strength and just try to “do better” but it’s GOD who cleans us up and makes us whole. It’s JESUS who takes away our inequities. It’s HIS JOB to make us HOLY…we just have to “come”. ..and do what we’re told, which is to repent. 

SO, if you struggle with this, think of it as renouncing your cooperation with the enemy.  Do it openly and out loud where the enemy lives and take back the ground you gave the enemy through sin. DO it every time you recognize that you have sinned and ask the Lord where more “encampments” that the enemy made in your life are so that you can finally “CLOSE THE DOORS” to the enemy’s foothold in your life. (Use our 2 minute cleans as a guide to help you if you do not know how)

Take back your ground!  Take back your PEACE! Take back your right to be cleaned and made Holy, and all the blessings that come with all of this.  Test Him at His word and step back and watch what He will do.


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