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Seeking The Lord’s Manifest Presence

“One thing that I ask, that I REQUIRE, is that you stand on My Word.  My Word is power – is strength, – supernaturally so.  It is your weapon and your shield.  Weald it!  Pick it up! Claim it as it will dispel all the darkness that surrounds you.  It is my ‘tool’ for you, my gift to you, to all mankind, to anyone who would believe.  It is  your covering, your safe haven, your voice – it is my HEART, my GLORY, it is the binding tether between this world and the next: My Kingdom, which surrounds you on all sides” 

The Lord shared those words with me this spring and then followed it with a revelation of urgency to “Use it, claim it, grab hold of it”.

I receive many words like this whenever i surrender my time in His presence.  He is always willing to encourage us and show His great love for us and to guide us on a constant basis.  If you are truly HUNGRY for “MORE”, check out our new article on 4 “Quicker” ways into His Manifest Presence.  It’s a recap of our section: 4 Steps into His Presence, which shows you how to get out of yourself / flesh, and into His manifest presence where “miracles, signs & wonders” exist.  Getting into the Lord’s presence is the only way to truly abide in Him on a regular basis as we were designed to commune with God from the beginning of time.

Write us if you have any questions and i hope that this article will start a new life for you.  There is so much MORE!  be HUNGRY!  ask for it! 

1 Corinthians 2:9
However, as it is written: “What no eye has seen, what no ear has heard, and what no human mind has conceived” — the things God has prepared for those who love him


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“Whose Life did you impact?”

I heard this over and over and over again this morning, as I cried out in prayer for those I know who struggle with putting their wants, desires, plans and needs, ahead of what the Lord is saying to them. 

We are SO CLOSED off to see the world around us when we are filtering everything through hurt, rejection, abandonment and bitterness…and we do not even see it.  We cannot hear the Lord when our own mind is so self focused on getting to where WE think we need to be, what WE want to see happen, and are stuck in a box of “I can’t get to where i want to go”, or “no one else sees MY wants or needs…etc”.

We get stuck then, in a place with AN AGENDA, and things never seem to work out according to OUR agenda, having thoughts of how things SHOULD be – and aren’t – which leads to thoughts of strife and strain to get things out of the “bad place’ that they always seem to be in.

WHAT if God is ALREADY WORKING through your trials? What if those people you see in the way of your “plan” are put there by HIm to help you in HIS PLAN for your life?  What if some of the trials that you face are His way of putting “contraint” on you, holding you in a place where you can go nowhere except to run to Him?

If we are stuck in our own battles, thrashing in a murky mire and getting nowhere, we need to be quite, stop thrashing and rest. We need to submit our lives and listen to where He is moving.  This life is NOT about us but about seeing a NEED for a God, coming to the one true God, and then working alongside Him for the “advancement of the kingdom”.

I don’t want to be standing at the throne besides the Lord one day, and have my Heavenly Father say: “well…i see you worked and held a job…i see you raised a child…who else did you influence?”  You are useless to the advancement of kingdom if you are stuck in so much pain that you cannot even SEE another.  

It’s NEVER about what you think it’s about.  God is always encouraging us if we choose to listen and pursue His presence.  We have to get out of ourselves, to receive all He has for us, and then pour out as we’ve been poured into, for HIS glory, not our own.
Be encouraged!  God doesn’t waste a tear, heartache or trial. Draw into him with a vengence and just DO all that you need to do to get there.

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