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Welcome to a “Season of Restoration”

    No matter what season you are in,  whether it’s in a Season of REST (Healing Room 1):  listening to Him at His Feet, waiting upon Him and taking grace to stop striving and thrashing…or in moving foward with the tools and resourses He has poured out to us (Healing Room 4) we’re focusing on being in whatever season the Lord has us in.

      We’re not up and running yet but you go to our home site above (The Healing Source) to connect with articles, aids and guides that minister to the hurting heart.  The Healing Source is a resource that leads to the TRUE source of all healing: the Lord Jesus, and it’s our desire to lead you to the throne of grace and power so that you can receive healing and restoration directly from Him. 

     Enter our 4 Healing Rooms and find helpful information and support for whatever season of healing you are in.  Our “First Aid” guide has handy aids to help you claim victory over negative feelings, receive encouragement and teach you how to walk into all that the Lord has promised for you, just for the asking.  You will receive much healing even now if you go through the steps on the bottom of the “Pain Words” guide, where you can voice all that you’re feeling and take it to the throne.

The Pain Center has many sections addressing pain and heartache such as addictions, grief & loss, with articles, support and prayer, truth and promises to either help you claim vicotory over areas that are strongholds (see Break the Chains) or to help you through a period mourning and grieving that could otherwise last years.

     The “5 Crucial Factors of Healing” is important for you to learn what’s required of you to receive and KEEP your healing, and the section “4 Steps Deeper into His Presence” will teach share the doorways to His manifest Presence, where ALL things “get taken care of”.

Come walk with us in a NEW Season of Restoration and Healing. (Please remember that we are in a season of CONSTRUCTION so we have areas that are not fully up yet. If you have any questions, please to not hestitate to contact us and we will do all to see you get the help you are seeking.)


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